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TitleAuthorYear of Publication
Match policy with reality and young people stand a chance Cloete, N. & Butler-Adam, J. 2012Download
Training new academics is a complex challenge Quinn, L. & Vorster, J.A. 2012Download
Theory and practice need to find each other again Augustyn, J. & Cillié, G. 2012Download
ASSAF Tracer Study of University Graduates in the Social Science, Humanities and Arts. Mouton, Boshoff, James & Treptow. 2012Download
Past, present and the future: The public value of the humanities and social sciences British Academy 2010Download
The Nairobi Report. Frameworks for Africa-UK Research Collaboration in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Harle, Jonathan 2009Download
Waeving Success: Voices of Change in African Higeher Eduation Lindow,Megan 2011Download
Accomplishments of the Partnership for Higher Education in Africa, 2000-2010 Grant Lewis,S., Friedman, J., Schoneboom, J. 2012Download
Consensus Study on the Future of the Humanities in South Africa: Status, prospects and strategies Academy of Science of South Africa 2011Download
Groundbreaking study on Humanities crisis in South Africa ASSAF 2012Download
Higher Education Monitor Council of Higher Education 2010Download
Towards a New Higher Education Landscape: CHE Size and Shape of higher education task team 2010Download
Postgraduate Studies in South Africa: A Statistical Profile CHE and Centre for Research on Science and Technology 2009Download
Local Case Study: Merger scenario with pipeline studentKistan , Chandru 2006Download
1998/1999 Annual Report of the Council of Higher Education CHE 1998Download