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Jansen: I stand by my decisionCityPress2009Download
Jansen: I stand by my decisionCityPress2009Download
Cabinet unhappy over UFS decision on Reitz fourCityPress2009Download
The Nairobi Report. Frameworks for Africa-UK Research Collaboration in the Social Sciences and Humanities. Harle, Jonathan 2009Download
Postgraduate Studies in South Africa: A Statistical Profile CHE and Centre for Research on Science and Technology 2009Download
Nzimande: African languages under threat. Mail & Guardian Staff reporter 2009Download
A Sputnik moment? The natural sciences and humanities. An intervivew with Edward L. Ayers Peter Vale 2009Download
Recolonising the mind: The rise of African National Education Kistner, U 2009Download
this article draws on an article published by the Leadership Foundation’s (for Higher Education) Engage magazine Issue 14:2008 Leadership Foundation 2009Download
Insight: HESA Strategic Framework For The Next 10 Years: Pathways to a Diverse and Effective South African Higher Education SystHigher Education South Africa (HESA)2009Download
South Africa: Transformation needs to be transformedKadalie, Rhoda2009Download
Past, present and the future: The public value of the humanities and social sciences British Academy 2010Download
Higher Education Monitor Council of Higher Education 2010Download
Towards a New Higher Education Landscape: CHE Size and Shape of higher education task team 2010Download
The human factor Vale, Peter 2010Download