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Global South collaboration and advisor on policy

The institutes take pride in creating value by hosting the South Africa BRICS Think Tank (SABTT), and representing South Africa on the BRICS Think Tank Council (BTTC), a structure that coordinates intellectual developmental issues for member states including development policies and plans. In assuming the role of South African BRICS Think Tank custodian, the NIHSS convenes opportunities for research cooperation among BRICS partners in the Global South. The Institute also advances proactive engagement of policy makers and non-state actors in dialogue and discussion on BRICS-related matters, thereby playing its part in advising government and civil society on development. Key activities in realising the full value of the South African BRICS Think Tank (SABTT) are international research collaborations, seminars, workshops and conferences and, ultimately, the research outputs delivered, and the conversion of these into policy advice. For more information visit the SABTT website