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Khamr: The Makings of A Waterslams

KhamrKhamr: The Makings of A Waterslams, is a powerful biographical book by Jamil F. Khan. Jamil is a multi-talented Critical Diversity Studies PhD candidate, researcher, author, columnist and poet. Thier book is about their experiences, trials, family conflicts and other challenges that shaped their life.

The story of the queer Cape Town Coloured who is Muslim and has to uphold a veneer of respectability was always going to offer a window into the challenges of leading such a hidden life. Khamir is one such book and it serves as a mirror upon which those affected can reflect on their own lives. They have told the author that they ‘found something to identify with’ in the book. It is a book about an aspect of life that is not shared with the outside world because of the shame brought to bear on the subjects – disgraced Muslims.

This amazing book was also selected as the winner at the 2021 HSS Awards for Best Non-Fiction: Biographies.

This amazing book is available for purchase countrywide. You can also get it online here:

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