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Durban University of Technology

The influence of corporate social responsibility on business performance of a medium-sized manufacturing enterprise in eThekwini municipal area

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an organisation's ongoing commitment to ethical behaviour and economic development, as well as improving the quality of life for its employees and their families, the local community, and society at large. It is an unavoidable requirement for long-term development, particularly in developing countries. Although there has been some focus on CSR and business performance in large corporations, research on CSR in SMEs, particularly in economically depressed African countries is becoming increasingly important.

Improving the administration of disability grants in South Africa’s social security agency

Improving the administration of disability grants in South Africa’s Social Security Agency was the primary focus of the study. Although the South African social security grant categories include the child support grant, older age persons’ grant, disability grant, grant-in-aid, care dependency grant, war veterans grant and the foster child grants, this study only focused on disability grants. In South Africa, fraud and maladministration are among the challenges impacting the quality of public service delivery. In terms of the study, the impact of this amongst other issues were investigated.

Capturing New Forms of Video Footage in Remote Locations through the Design, Development and Deployment of an Autonomous, Open Source, Unmanned Aerial System: A Case Study of South African Enduro Motorcycle Racers

This study explores the use of an autonomous Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), in the capturing of video footage of sporting events, specifically enduro motorcycle racing, in remote areas of southern Africa. Remote areas are defined as those that are far removed from urban centres, are inaccessible by motor vehicle and that have no internet or cell phone coverage.

Environmental Vulnerability and the Economic Implications of Climate Change for Tourism Development in the Central Drakensberg Region [CDR] of KwaZulu-Natal

In spite of the substantial amount of research that has been conducted in the last decade, misconceptions about the impacts particularly at a local level still abound. This study aimed to determine the extent to which climate change affected the environmental and economic facets of the Central Drakensberg Region [CDR] and the potential impacts these changes have had on the tourism industry.