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Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Sustainable conservation practices in Tigray, Ethiopia

After the short-lived Derg regime's land reform in 1975, Ethiopia's smallholder farmers were granted equitable tenure and ownership rights for the first time in history. Furthermore, since 1991 there was a growing desire for better living conditions among smallholder farmers. As a result of the involvement of smallholder farmers, Sustainable Conservation Practices (SCP) was regarded as an effective symbol of government land and rural development policy in Ethiopia in the last two decades.

An assessment of the local government monitoring and evaluation system: The case of Amathole district Municipalities

This study presents a discussion on monitoring and evaluation introduced in local government to assess both the municipality's performance and the impact of interventions by the government on the social needs of communities. This discussion is specific to the Amanthole District Municipality (ADM) and local municipalities within the Amathole District in the Eastern Cape Province.

South Africa’s auto industry trade elasticity to economic performance in BRICS countries

South Africa’s automotive industry is a vital element in the country’s economy. This sector has been a strategically important sector in South Africa, and it is imperative to ensure not only the sustainability of the automotive sector in the country, but also the continued growth of the industry. This study addressed the determinants of South Africa’s automotive exports to BRICS countries.

Towards a community-based model for agricultural development in Uganda: A case study of Kumi and Gomba districts

This study intended to design a community-based model for agricultural development in Uganda, using Kumi and Gomba districts as case studies. The surge in attention towards community-based development is attributed to the growing challenges posed by the traditional approaches to community development, dominated by top-down mechanisms during the planning, implementation, management, monitoring, and evaluation phases of community development programmes.