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Tshwane University of Technology

Exploring the use of Khelobedu as a medium of instruction in the Foundation Phase: A survey in Mopani District, Limpopo Province

Dialects such as Khelobedu are perpetually denied the chance to flourish and help promote the local culture and national identity through their use as a medium of instruction in the Foundation Phase classrooms of South Africa. As tools of communication, such dialects have the potential to be used as media of instruction in schools and contribute significantly to the development and education of learners who speak them.

English second language students’ perceptions and experiences of academic writing in a blended learning context: a survey of a South African technical and vocational education and technology college

This study aimed to examine the ESL students' perceptions and experience of academic writing with blended learning applications at a South African Technical and Vocational Education and Technology (TVET) college in the Western Cape. This study's aim was to come up with recommendations and interventions for improving the English academic writing skills of first-year students with blended learning applications and therefore the focus was on the students and their experiences. The study utilised a mixed-methods approach to obtain and analyse the data obtained from the study respondents.

Evaluating the practices of inclusive education in Secondary Schools of Lebopo Circuit: Asocial realist perspective

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the practices of inclusive education at secondary schools in the rural contexts. The study followed a qualitative approach to evaluate the practices of inclusive education using the social realist perspective. A case study research design was used with an interpretive paradigm to evaluate the daily practices of inclusive education. The population in this study consists of the teachers, the

Language use and communication challenges faced by customers who are less proficient in English and Afrikaans: case studies of two South African state-owned enterprises

Use of Official Languages Act (No. 12 of 2012) applies to all national departments and state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and stipulates that they should promote multilingualism when interacting with members of the public and/or customers.