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University of Venda

Guidelines to promote proper use of African traditional medicine in people living with HIV in selected districts of Limpopo province

African Traditional Medicine is the sum total of skills and practices based on beliefs and experiences of traditional to African cultures that are used to prevent, diagnose, improve or treat physical and mental illnesses. Traditional medicine used to be the dominant medical system available to millions of people in Africa in both rural and urban communities. Indeed, it was the only source of medical care for a greater proportion of the population (Romero-Daza, 2002).

Mahlamari eka Xitsonga hi ku kongomisa eka man’wana ma matsalwa ma mitlangu (Interjections in Xitsonga with special reference to some drama literary texts).

This study investigates interjections in Xitsonga, a part of speech that has not yet been thoroughly studied. The study uses a qualitative research method to collect, interpret, and analyse non-numerical data on Xitsonga interjections morphologically, semantically, and syntactically.

An Epilepsy Awareness Programme for Rural Communities of Limpopo and Mpumalanga Province: Development and Validation

Epilepsy is widely recognised as a global health challenge. However, within South Africa, stigmatisation of people living with epilepsy and misconceptions amongst communities persist, largely attributed to inadequate communication and education. This study aimed to develop and validate an epilepsy awareness programme for rural communities in Limpopo and Mpumalanga provinces.

An analysis of the role of culture in the translation of northern Sotho idiomatic expressions into English

Human beings the world over benefit from sharing experiences and knowledge through language. African languages have now demonstrated that they also have capacity to transmit intellectualism that advances human progress and knowledge beyond human boarders. Words such as ubuntu, imbizo and lobola have broken bonds of linguistic superiority. But is it possible to translate the linguistic superiority into English without acculturation?

Guidelines to support students during practicum training at a university in Limpopo province, South Africa

Students registered for a Bachelor of Psychology are required to complete a six-month practicum during the second semester in their fourth year of study before they graduate. During their practicum, they are called student registered counsellors. These student registered counsellors also offer counseling to clients suffering from trauma. Counselling trauma clients exposes the students to various challenges which affect their normal functioning, making them less effective when they offer counseling.

An Examination of the Role of Traditional Medicine in Primary Health Care in Bushbuckridge Region, Mpumalanga Province, South Africa.

The historical stigmatization and demonization of African traditional practices, including traditional medicine, is well explored in scholarly discourse. However, the renaissance of scholarly de-colonial and Afro-centric research frameworks re-awakens the need to generate knowledge systems and analytical lenses that pragmatically and sustainably address global challenges using contextually relevant resources that have been maligned for centuries due to colonialism.

A Critical Reflection on Complementary, Alternative and Indigenous Knowledge Medicine in Gauteng Province: A Model for Articulation and Promotion

As long as the academy continues to lag behind in investigating, revealing and teaching African indigenous pedagogies, the unrepresentative Eurocentric epistemologies that are disconnected from the African reality will continue to marginalise certain communities and professions/disciplines.

The relationship between traditional leadership and local government on land allocation: A case of the Thulamela Local Municipality

Traditional leadership and local government are expected to provide co-leadership in same areas of jurisdiction, in South Africa, without much guidance on how that should be done. As a result, there is constant tension in the relationship and questioning between the two centers of power; tensions, such as those that largely exist around issues of land allocation and ownership. This study was aimed at exploring the relationship between traditional leadership and local government with regards to land allocation in the Thulamela local municipality.

Model to Facilitate Language Acquisition/Development in Children Between 0 To 3 Years in Rural Communities of Makhado Municipality, Limpopo Province

The aim of the study was to develop a conceptualized model that will enhance language acquisition of children between 0 and 3 years. Language is a use of words and symbol to convey message, or communication. Generally, from birth to the age of four months children express their needs through crying and are soothed by the sound of voices or by low rhythmic sounds.

A Development of a Model to Facilitate Effective Psychological Services for Offenders in Long Term Incarceration in Vhembe District Limpopo Province

The background of the study discusses the different perceptions of incarceration globally. The purpose of this study was to develop a model which would effectively facilitate the handling of psychological services among offenders in long-term incarceration.