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This research study sought to make a contribution regarding the Methodist Church's role in caring for teenagers in the Port Elizabeth North Circuit, and the study was conducted throughout the KwaZakhele, New Brighton, KwaMagxaki, KwaDwesi and Kleinskool areas.
Libraries are the important resources that knowledge production institutions such as schools must have in order to effectively realise their objectives. It is important to note that libraries are hubs of the learning environment; hence they need to be managed by skilled people who are well aware of their functions, purpose and role in terms of meeting the school's vision, mission and goals.
After a war of nearly two decades in the Acholi sub-region of northern Uganda many families and communities were physically, socially, economically and psychologically devastated. A myriad of other concomitant effects of the war such as distorted gender relations in households and undue exposure of vulnerable children to the menace of hazardous child labour manifest in the communities today.
This thesis explores the possibilities of multilingual language instruction within multi-ethnic classrooms in former Model-C schools shaped by multiple discursive practices. The researcher reviews current research on multilingualism and teaching and proposes strategies for overcoming the English prescriptivism, and monolingual mind-set in education.