A compass for varsity change

This article points out how the Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande's appointment in January as part of the ­permanent ministerial oversight committee on transformation at South Africa's 23 public ­universities is timely because many of them are grappling with governance and management problems. The article argues that an oversight committee on transformation will not be a punitive ‘policing’ forum. In addition, the committee's mandate, the author emphasizes, should not create the impression that the move will be a panacea for all the transformation challenges and other woes facing higher education. Transformation is both a moral and a legal imperative, but no amount of regulatory enforcement will bring about real change while the playing field of the sector remains so uneven. [05 April 2013]

Mail & Guardian Online
Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
Author: Zide, G.N.
Year of Publishing: 2013
Keywords: Higher education, Institutional transformation, Soudien ministerial report on discrimination,Transformation charters, HESA