Varsity buildings salute apartheid

In 2014 South Africa commemorates 20 years of democracy. Naturally the media reflected on the pressing issues of the day, such as corruption, inequality, poverty and the upcoming elections. The author notes that one issue that didn’t feature as prominently was the fact that, 20 years into democracy, Stellenbosch University still has buildings and plaques honouring people such as DF Malan and HF Verwoerd, the founders of apartheid! The article points out that Stellenbosch is a top institution and questions why the architects of racism are still being honoured there? [5 May 2014]

Mail & Guardian Online
Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
Author: Spaull, N
Year of Publishing: 2014
Keywords: Higher Education, Freedom Day, Stellenbosch University, Racism, Inclusive education, Social transformation