Dear NIHSS community,
The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unimaginable challenges for our nation and the world. Our country’s response has been decisive, to prevent the spread of the virus and minimize its impact. At the National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, we acknowledge that it cannot be business as usual. Our focus and priority continue to be serving and supporting the humanities and social sciences community in any way we can, particularly when requested. We have put all necessary arrangements and with all measures in place, we are confident that our systems will enable us to continue with operations remotely. 
NIHSS is compliant with government protocol and will continue to follow all advice, guided by health experts and the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.
As President Ramaphosa said, “Covid-19 is a real threat to the livelihoods of our people. We all agree that our country is in an extreme position that requires extraordinary measures, but that also requires that we should find a way of working together, in solidarity as well as in partnership.” More than ever, as the humanities and social sciences community, we will be expected to support and work together during this critical time. As the Institute, we welcome any information and advice on how best we can continue to support you and many others. We would like to hear from you; our office number is 011 480-2300 and/or drop us an email at:
Our thoughts and sympathies are with everyone infected and affected by the Covid-19 virus.
Morena boloka sechaba sa heso.
Yours sincerely,
Sarah Mosoetsa