Mentors Meeting, Planning for 2017 Academic Year

The NIHSS held mentors lunch last month in a bid to strategise the 2017 academic year. Mentors honoured NIHSS’s call to attend this crucial meeting and they discussed matters such as the National Mentorship Programme and the value of NIHSS Regional Doctoral Schools in ensuring that inter-institutional collaborations and networking between various universities flourishes.

This unique institutional collaborative mentorship model allows NIHSS-funded students to engage in interdisciplinary and cross-institutional conversations regarding their research. The roles and responsibilities of the mentors were clarified further – as part of aligning them to the key delivery requirements of the Doctoral Scholarship Programme.

 This includes participation and facilitation in the annual National Doctoral Workshop and Conference; facilitation of at least six Thematic and/or Regional Workshops as well as monthly university-based meeting with NIHSS doctoral students.

“We are quite excited to be stepping into technological era boldly following the launch of our virtual doctoral school app.  This tool will enable and facilitate for easier engagement between the mentors and our students,” says Nthabiseng Motsemme, NIHSS Scholarship Academic Director.

“Mentors step into technological era

The NIHSS National Mentorship Programme currently has 22 serving mentors. Of the eight newly appointed mentors, three will serve as roving mentors – meaning that they will work in all the regional schools.