NIHSS catalytic project leaders hard at work

There has been a hive of activities during the past six weeks within the Academic Research space.  A number of catalytic projects have been supported, signifying indeed that we are dynamising the Humanities and Social Sciences.  Below are some of the highlights of the projects supported.

Rethinking South African Canonical Writing Colloquium

Rethinking South African Canonical Writing Colloquium: Centering the isiXhosa writings of the 19th and early 20th centuries took place on 21-22 June 2017 at Rhodes University. The Colloquium, which seeks to reflect on and engage with the thoughts, ideas, and knowledge embedded in the writings of isiXhosa writers, was presented by our Catalytic Project on Concept Formation, in African Languages Studies. The project covered three broad themes: Challenging the South African literary canon focusing on the 19th century and early 20th century isiXhosa writings; the African intellectuals and their intellectual thought and, African ways of knowing and experience in the South African academic discourse/the disciplines as espoused in the writings of the 19th and 20th centuries. It is housed in the School of Languages and Literature and led by Prof. Antjie Krog.

SPACE OF WASTE: towards an alternative

On June 24, NIHSS supported the activation of an exhibition that showcased art made of waste materials in Pretoria, dubbed the Social Life of Waste art’s public conversation, workshop and exhibition. Headed by Dr. Detlev Krige, The Social Life of Waste/Art (SLOWart) network is a collection of artists, writers, facilitators, gardeners and researchers based in southern Africa who work on/with/around and in waste/trash/garbage/discarded material.  The Network creates works of art and documents emerging bodies of social practices that will increase knowledge and awareness of re-use, recycling and re-purposing. The Network functions as a platform for participating community, research and artist organisations.

Celebrating multilingualism, reading, writing

 On 1-7 July 2 we joined hands with organisers of the 2017 Wordfest held at Rhodes University to celebrate multilingualism, reading and writing, while promoting new and established authors.

NIHSS is proud to be associated with institutions and academics who share in our vision of a reigniting the humanities and social sciences.