NIHSS on the cutting edge of Digital Humanities

On 30th May 2017, the NIHSS’ Humanities Hubs programme hosted the Digital Humanities (DH) dialogue. Thanks to UKZN’s Joyce Myeza, also HSS 2017 Awards chair-judge for the DH category, HSS 2016 Awards DH winner Nirma Madhoo – Chipps from Durban University of Technology, HSS 2017 Awards winner Omar Badsha from the South African History Online and North-West University’s Prof. Justus Roux presentations which set the dialogue in motion.

The event brought together eminent scholars working in and utilising Digital Humanities, including academics, archivists and NGO practitioners vested in the use and development of DH. It sought to promote knowledge sharing and to develop opportunities for future collaboration, discussing software that can enhance and support HSS research as well as explore the possibilities of DH for data collection and analysis. Covered topics ranged from digitality and distance education, research data management and curation, visualisation and modelling techniques as well as the possibilities of open access research archiving and dissemination.

The NIHSS is committed to advancing the digital humanities; as they encourage the democratising of knowledge, trans–disciplinary approaches, interactive platforms for knowledge production, dissemination of research and capacity development.