Professional Associations

Professional Associations have been supported to further enhance the HSS, especially in matters related to curriculum reform. The NIHSS extends support to professional associations in the HSS. This is to ensure that the higher education landscape is more responsive to and inclusive of HSS and its disciplinary particularities. Professional associations are awarded funding toward the following activities:
  • Conferences/annual general meetings;
  • Workshops and seminars;
  • Publication of academic journals and special editions;
  • International collaborations; and
  • Student conference attendance and participation.
Professional associations that received support from the NIHSS to date include:
  • Association of South African Social Work Education Institutions (ASASWEI)
  • Association of Southern African Professional Archaeologists (ASAPA)
  • Society of South African Geographers (SAAG)
  • South African Sociological Association (SASA)
  • Philosophical Society of Southern Africa (PSSA)
  • African Association for Rhetoric
  • Education Association of South Africa
  • English Academy of Southern Africa
  • International Society for Gesture Studies
  • Linguistics Society of Southern Africa
  • South African Association of Political Studies
  • South African Education Research Association
  • South African Society for Research in Music