Voices of Liberation: Thomas Sankara

Voices of Liberation: Thomas Sankara

The book starts with a comprehensive timeline covering Thomas Sankara’s life and major events in the history of the continent and region. His Life section provides the most critical and fraternal assessment of the 1980s radical experiment within the broader history of the country, the region and continent. 

His Voice section succinctly provides a selection of Sankara’s speeches, broadcasts and interviews and gives us insight to his outlook on the world. 
His Legacy section combines an almost poetic tribute to the flawed through heroic period of Sankara’s ‘revolution’ with an incredibly relentless and honest analysis. This is done through the story of last year’s uprising against Compaoré – with haunting lessons for South Africa.

Pages: 288

ISBN 13: 978-0-7969-2517-6

Publish Year: March 2017

Publisher: HSRC Press


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