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  • 382 years for SA’s top 5 research universities to transform

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Masondo, S.
    Year of Publishing: 2013
    Keywords: Tertiary education, Education transformation, Staff profile, 'White privilege', Equity profile

    It will take South Africa’s top five universities up to 382 years to transform so that their staff and graduates reflect the demographics of the country, a study has found. (City Press 23 October 2013)

  • A "big noise" on rural education

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Year of Publishing: 2015
    Keywords: Higher education, Transformation, Rural education, South African Native National Congress, Inter-Institutional

    In a first for South Africa, the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) has established a chair of rural education. To be launched on Monday at a public lecture on UKZN’s Edgewood campus, the John Langalibalele (JL) Dube Chair in Rural Education will facilitate an exclusive focus on rural teaching and teacher training, Professor Relebohile Moletsane, the first holder of the chair, told M&G Online. (Mail & Guardian 05 Nov 2010)

  • A compass for varsity change

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Zide, G.N.
    Year of Publishing: 2013
    Keywords: Higher education, Institutional transformation, Soudien ministerial report on discrimination,Transformation charters, HESA

    This article points out how the Higher Education and Training Minister Blade Nzimande's appointment in January as part of the ­permanent ministerial oversight committee on transformation at South Africa's 23 public ­universities is timely because many of them are grappling with governance and management problems. The article argues that an oversight committee on transformation will not be a punitive ‘policing’ forum.

  • A lesson in power and privilege

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Balfour, R.
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: Higher education, Student initiation, Cultural identity, North-West University, Monoculturalism

    This article discusses how the "we-ness" factor entrenched by student initiation at universities may clash with cultural identity. The recent debates about selected practices associated with the orientation and introduction programme of the North-West University's (NWU's) Potchefstroom campus have been conducted in typical media style — sensational, selective reporting tending towards persuasion rather than reflection. More broadly, this newspaper article seeks too discover what these practices say about the academy, NWU or, more widely, about higher education in South Africa.

  • African studies reach out across the pond

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Breckenridge, K
    Year of Publishing: 2013
    Keywords: Higher education, Education, Social and economic research, Transnationalism

    This newspaper article presents the argument that a cross-Atlantic programme is bridging schools of thought that are often at odds with one another. The author notes that it is a sign of the comparative weakness of knowledge-making in Africa that writing in the academic humanities on this continent has been dominated, for the past half-century, by the wealthy research universities in North America. [10 May 2013]

  • An ongoing process of discovery

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Brown, D.
    Year of Publishing: 2012
    Keywords: Education, Higher education, University of Western Cape, 'Becoming UWC', Humanities and social sciences, 'Reflections, Pathways and Unmaking Apartheid’s Legacy'

    This newspaper article is an edited ­version of a speech by Duncan Brown dean of the ­faculty of arts at the University of the Western Cape. He delivered the speech at last month’s launch of the book Becoming UWC: Reflections, Pathways and Unmaking Apartheid’s Legacy. In the book scholars chart the past and present and rethink the notion of university in South Africa. [04 May 2012]


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