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  • Blade: FET colleges must become students' top choice

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Staff Reporter
    Year of Publishing: 2012
    Keywords: Higher education, Transformation, FET Vs Universities, Green Paper, Mergers

    Blade Nzimande says the focus of higher education will shift from universities to FET colleges, which must be overhauled in line with workplace needs. In a green paper released in Pretoria, Nzimande, the minister of higher education and training, envisages that more than 4.5-million students a year will be enrolled in universities, colleges and other post-school institutions. (Mail & Guardian 12 Jan 2012)

  • Blade: No enemy of Afrikaans - but it can't dominate tertiary institutions

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Nkosi, Bongani
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: Higher education, Transformation, Increased enrollment, Intellectual blackmail, Language policy

    The education minister criticised the domination of Afrikaans in teaching - and called on former Afrikaans universities to enrol more black students. Nzimande criticised the domination of Afrikaans as a language of teaching, particularly at Stellenbosch and North-West universities. “We’re aware at the moment there’s lots of complaints about Stellenbosch University [and] about North-West [University’s] Potchefstroom campus" he said. (Mail & Guardian 28 November 2014)

  • Cabinet unhappy over UFS decision on Reitz four

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: CityPress
    Year of Publishing: 2009
    Keywords: University of Free State, Higher education, Reitz four, Dignity, Human rights, Equality court

    Cabinet has expressed dissatisfaction with Free State University vice-chancellor Professor Jonathan Jansen’s decision to drop the university’s internal charges against the students who “humiliated the workers at the institution" (City Press 22 October 2009)

  • Concept of post-apartheid can help humanities debate

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Lalu, P.
    Year of Publishing: 2013
    Keywords: Higher education, Race relations, Humanities research, Thatcherism, Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies

    This newspaper article points out that in a crisis wrought by the collision of history and theory, overcoming impasse of race is difficult. Te author poses the following question 'And what would it mean for humanities scholars to consider what they share in the concept of the post-apartheid?' [7 June 2013]

  • Decolonising the humanities

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Pillay,S.
    Year of Publishing: 2013
    Keywords: Higher education, Critical scholarship, Humanities, Social sciences, Bantu studies,Eurocentrism, Afrophobia, Humanities charter

    What does it mean to pursue critical scholarship in the humanities and social sciences in a settler colonial society trying to move beyond the category "settler" and "native" towards becoming the citizenry bequeathed to us by our political settlement? This newspaper article seeks to provide an answer to this question. The author argues that scholars should not plead "academic freedom" to avoid critiquing their discipline’s apartheid legacies. [05 April 2013]

  • Doors closed for SA university applications

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Manyathi, N.
    Year of Publishing: 2015
    Keywords: Tertiary education, Admissions, Applications, Diversity, Transformation

    South African universities have received hundreds of thousands of applications from hopeful students – but their doors are now firmly closed for 2015. It is crucial for the profile of Further Education and Training [FET] colleges to be raised as they play a significant role in allowing students options for further study. As places in universities are limited, it would be best for students to apply to more than one university. (City Press 11 Jan 2015)

  • Downsizing the humanities is a recipe for increasing alienation

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Alexander, N
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: Higher education, Education, Knowledge economy, Liberal arts, Academic transformation, Consensus Study of the State of the Humanities in South Africa: Status, Prospects and Strategies (August 2011), “language of ­globalisation”

    The author cites University of Cape Town sociologist David Cooper who argued that 'The university has become a key component of what is called the “knowledge economy”. In this newspaper article, the author briefly addresses the knowledge economy, the emphasis placed on the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (Stem) disciplines as opposed to the liberal arts and human sciences, and the question of the missing “fourth helix”, comprising the socioeconomic and cultural dimensions of academic transformation. [05 May 2014]

  • Dropout rate points to lack of support

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: John, V.
    Year of Publishing: 2013
    Keywords: Drop out rates, university transformation, data, research findings, Council on Higher Education, undergraduates, student support, statistics

    Reports that seven years after official data first revealed that about half of undergraduate students drop out of university without completing their degrees, new figures show no improvement in this poor academic ­performance. Refers to newly published data from the Council on Higher Education, a statutory body that advises the education minister [Mail & Guardian Online, 17 May 2013].


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