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  • The limits of the literary

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Garside, D
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: Higher education, Humanities, Literary studies, Intellectualism, University transformation, Teaching, Research

    This newspaper article discusses the implications of defending universities against power elites. The article argues that defending universities needs an armoury that's better stocked. In addition, it looks at perspectives generated from literature and literary studies and questions what they bring to the discussion of university transformation. [Mail & Guardian Online 14-02-2014]

  • Thandi Modise shocked at reports of Nazi salute at university

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: SAPA
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: Higher education, Transformation, Race relations, Ethnic and racial indoctrination, North-West University

    North West Premier Thandi Modise expressed shock today at reports that students at the province’s university in Potchefstroom had used the Nazi salute. She pointed out that, as South Africans, we have come a long way, indeed almost 20 years to the day to bury the sceptre of racism and ethnicity in all its manifestations.

  • Student salute isn’t a Nazi salute, says North-West University vice-chancellor

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Harper, P.
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: North-West University, Higher education, Race relations, Transformation, neo-Nazi culture, Transformation

    It was “preposterous’’ to claim North-West University students had performed a Nazi salute, its vice-chancellor, Dr Theuns Eloff, has said. Claims have also emerged of students using a Nazi-type “Heil Puk’’ salute on the campus. (City Press 23 February 2014)

  • Storm over controversial varsity 'commissariat'

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: McFarlane, D.
    Year of Publishing: 2013
    Keywords: University transformation, ministerial committees, Nzimande, B., monitoring, higher education reform

    Argues that Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande's plan to monitor transformation at all 23 South African universities through a permanent committee has polarised the higher education sector [Mail and Guardian, 25 January 2013].

  • Still searching for 'the human'

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Lalu, P.
    Year of Publishing: 2012
    Keywords: Higher Education, National Research Foundation, Department of Science and Technology, Developmental state, Research priorities

    This newspaper argues that it is shortsighted to promote science at the expense of the humanities. The author discusses the priorities of a developmental state and notes that the issue at hand is not the need for scientific research or investment in technological development, but the re-cognition that we are in the process of remaking the university and its research priorities in South Africa. Critical to this rearrangement is the primacy that is given to the idea of the human condition. [24 February 2012]

  • Sing from the same higher education hymn sheet

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: HESA
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: Higher Education, Economic and social democracy, Research and post graduate education, Science and knowledge production, Enrolment, National Planning Commission, Research infrastructure, Epistemological transformation

    South Africa is 20 years into democracy, with this in mind this newspaper article critically reflects on what has been achieved in South African higher education since the advent of democracy and what continues to be the ongoing challenges. The author argues that only with consensus will current threats like low success rates to higher education become opportunities for economic and social development. [08 April 2014]

  • Shock report reveals dire conditions

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: David Macfarlane
    Year of Publishing: 2012
    Keywords: University accommodation, Higher education, Transformation, Residence infrastructure, Indigent students

    Students at South Africa's universities live in squalid accommodation and often go hungry. Thousands of mainly poor, black students have to live in such appalling conditions that it is a “major miracle” they manage to pass any academic courses at all. (Mail & Guardian 02 Mar 2012)


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