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  • NWU Potch campus an ‘apartheid enclave’ – Blade Nzimande

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: SAPA
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: Higher education, Transformation, Race relations, Fascist initiations, Moral corruption, Institutional models

    The North West University’s Potchefstroom campus is still rooted in apartheid ideas, says Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande. The Potchefstroom campus of NWU remains fundamentally an apartheid institution, if not an enclave, in urgent need of transformation. it is held that a culture of fear exists at the institution and people do not talk freely. (City Press 26 September 2014)

  • Nzimande launches first university since 1994

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Anon
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: Sol Plaatjie University, Kimberley, Humanities, African intellectualism, thought leaders, apartheid, university transformation, social sciences

    Reports on the launch of the new Sol Plaatjie university in Kimberley which aims to represent a new order of African intellect, according to Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande [City Press, 20 September 2014].

  • Poor students face massive financial stress

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Machika, P., & Johnson,B.
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: Higher education, Socio-economic rights, Financial aid, Poverty, Academic success, Drop-out rates, Low income households, National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), Sociocultural resources

    Having registration fees paid is not enough if you cannot afford to even eat properly. This newspaper article argues that institutions of higher learning need to understand the full impact of the conditions of poverty under which students live, think and learn while studying for a degree or diploma — and how these conditions affect their academic success. [08 April 2014]

  • Race debate: Not so fast …

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Price, M.
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: University transformation, racial equity, gender equity, Price, M., professional development, professorships, researcher development

    University of Cape Town (UCT) vice-chancellor Max Price responds to an article by Xolela Mangcu,10 steps to develop black professors  (City Press, 20 July 2014). Price critiques proposals for a tenure system and refers to UCT's Emerging Researcher Programme [City Press, 7 August 2014].

  • Race row derails Diversity Month at Mandela university

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Daniels, A., Cornelius, J.
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, NMMU, racial issues, events, 20 years of democracy, Talking walls project, racism, university transformation

    Media report on a race row at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University after a project to mark 20 years of democracy in South Africa backfired. The Port Elizabeth university’s 'talking walls' project, which aimed at encouraging staff and students to speak about democracy, yielded a range of offensive statements [Timeslive, 19 August 2014].

  • Radio station won’t apologise for ‘Nazi-ing’ campaign

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: CityPress
    Year of Publishing: 2011
    Keywords: Higher education, Race relations, Nazi-ing campaign, Transformation, Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa, University of Pretoria

    Two radio presenters at Tuks FM are in hot water after their attempts at being funny failed miserably. The station director Loutjie van der Merwe said the blog post was made with a photo of the personalities posing in their first ‘Nazi-ing’ pose and also posted a separate post explaining ‘planking’ and ‘owling’.

  • Recolonising the humanities?

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: Higgins, J.
    Year of Publishing: 2013
    Keywords: Education, Higher education, Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (Codesria), Institutional autonomy and accountability

    This author in this article reasons that academic debates can be confusing for the general reader, and this was the case with some the arguments around academic freedom taken up in Suren Pillay's recent Mail & Guardian article: "Decolonising the humanities" (Getting Ahead, April 5 2013). This article attempts to explain what it is in our current context that so often distorts thinking on questions of and around academic freedom, acting like some black hole in intellectual life, which, invisible in itself, distorts the space around it. [10 May 2013]

  • Rector lodges complaint over ‘non-AA’ students ad

    Type: Newspaper and Opinion pieces
    Author: News24
    Year of Publishing: 2014
    Keywords: Higher education, Transformation, Rental racism, non-affirmative action

    Jonathan Jansen, University of the Free State rector, will send a complaint to the SA Human Rights Commission about a newspaper advertisement looking for “non-affirmative action” female students in need of accommodation. Jansen said an investigation revealed that the accommodation was open to white students but not their black counterparts.


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