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Though it is difficult to determine the prevalence of intimate partner murder-suicide (IPMS), it does appear that this phenomenon is reported in different parts of the world. The psychological consequences of this phenomenon to the surviving family members have also been widely reported.
Crime is one of major social problems which poses a serious threat to the democracy of South Africa. It therefore calls on the citizenry, civil society, and private society to contribute to the ongoing efforts of government in the provision of safety and crime prevention.
Over the years, South African literary critics have regarded literatures in African indigenous languages as inferior to English and Afrikaans literatures both quantitatively and qualitatively (Atwell, 1984; Mphahlele, 1992; Maake, 2000).
This study aimed to assess the role of policy networks on labour market policies and their effects on youth employment. The research has examined how key players such as the government, the private sector, and organised labour can influence the success or failure of youth employment policies. Policy network theory was used to examine the institutional arrangements of decision-making.
This ethnographic study explores the subcultural world of drag performance and beauty pageantry at one of Johannesburg’s landmark gay nightclubs – Club Indigo. It examines how the participants’ consumer identities, material culture, and kinship systems were constructed within and beyond the subculture.
This study explores the influence of the Khelobedu Dialect on Standard Sepedi with a special focus on the students’ writing. A classroom is a space where students need to feel the confidence to take part in classroom activities, language should not be a barrier.
This thesis offers an analysis of the official discourse of two post-apartheid commissions of inquiry investigating state violence – the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and Marikana Commission of Inquiry.
Falls in adults older than 65 years of age constitute a global health concern and are the main cause of injury-related mortality in older adults. The falls death rate increased by 30% from 2009 to 2018, mainly due to the age of older adults increasing.

This study presents a discussion on monitoring and evaluation introduced in local government to assess both the municipality's performance and the impact of interventions by the government on the social needs of communities. This discussion is specific to the Amanthole District Municipality (ADM) and local municipalities within the Amathole District in the Eastern Cape Province.

With Lesotho as its case study, the aim of this dissertation is to assess the conflict transformation capacity of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) within the period 1998-2018. The study was guided by the following questions: Which dynamics have been at play in the recurrence of conflict in Lesotho? What strategic political and diplomatic efforts has the SADC implemented in its attempts to resolve the conflict? What have been the major constraints encountered by the sub-regional body in its attempts to resolve the conflict?