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This thesis explores the possibilities of multilingual language instruction within multi-ethnic classrooms in former Model-C schools shaped by multiple discursive practices. The researcher reviews current research on multilingualism and teaching and proposes strategies for overcoming the English prescriptivism, and monolingual mind-set in education.
Innovation in our educational system is driving our education towards new directions and new heights. Students of the 21st century generation owing to current advances, learn best with technology. This may be one of the reasons our educational system is shifting towards the use of educational technologies. One of the universities in South Africa introduced a policy stipulating Moodle as a mandatory teaching and learning platform from undergraduate to postgraduate.
The aim of this study was to explore women representation in the South African National Defence Forces in the Limpopo Province. The Liberal Feminist perspective was employed as the prism through which the objectives of the study were achieved. In that regard, it was established that Sociology offers a distinctive way of seeing and explaining the social world within which we live in, as well as the events and institutions that shape it.
The aim of the study was to develop a conceptualized model that will enhance language acquisition of children between 0 and 3 years. Language is a use of words and symbol to convey message, or communication. Generally, from birth to the age of four months children express their needs through crying and are soothed by the sound of voices or by low rhythmic sounds.
This study investigated the knowledge, attitudes and practices of registered professional primary health care nurses and care givers regarding measles vaccination and surveillance among children in the public health care service delivery system, with particular emphasis on assessing the impact of measles outbreak control strategies in the health care facilities located in the Olievenhoutbosch area of the Tshwane Health District.
The standard competition economics literature on cartels has focused on their harmful effects in terms of prices and output, without extensive consideration of their intra-regional dimensions, the influence of political economy factors, and the implications of cartels that are put in place for industrial development purposes.
This study approaches the field of military history with approaches to the study of sound in order to interrogate the concept of war that underpins military historiography as a disciplinary formation.
The Ahmadi movement is one of the most controversial modern Muslim movements primarily for the reason of their unorthodox belief in the continuation of prophecy after the Prophet Muhammad and/or the belief that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was the fulfilment of the prophecy relating to the coming of a messiah and the return of Jesus.
Print media transformation in South Africa has been an ongoing area of debate and contention in the first twenty years of democracy. Especially given the country’s history of colonialism and apartheid, where racism was institutionalised and impacted the character and functioning of the print media. The attainment of true transformation in the press is critical to reverse the injustices of the past and to ensure today’s print media is reflective of South African society and its many axes of diversity.
The background of the study discusses the different perceptions of incarceration globally. The purpose of this study was to develop a model which would effectively facilitate the handling of psychological services among offenders in long-term incarceration.