Title Date
Call for Submissions and Nominations 21 July 2015
The Treasures of Collective Memory – 60th Anniversary of Freedom Charter and 21 Years of Freedom Charter 21 July 2015
Request for Proposal: Provision of a service provider to provide office space to rent for a lease period of three years 04 June 2015
Special Call for Applications: PhD/Doctoral Scholarships 24 April 2015
Call for Applications: PhD/Doctoral Scholarships: African Pathways Programme 16 January 2015
NIHSS senior appointments: Programme Coordinators and Senior Manager: Corporate Services 15 January 2015
NIHSS Executive Appointments 22 August 2014
Bridging racial divisions at tertiary institutions 21 August 2014 SA News
Catalytic Projects Workshop: New visions and ideas for a South African humanities 01 April 2014
Last 2013 Africa Speaks Lecture Series SAHUDA: Lineages of Freedom: Catalytic Project 11 September 2013
Africa Speaks Lecture Series 28 August 2013
Sources of Creativity: Design South Africa 30 July 2013
Africa Speaks Lecture Series 17 July 2013
Sources of Creativity: Formation of Composers’ Ensemble 01 July 2013
Call for comments on the Draft Regulations for the establishment of the National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences 27 June 2013
Progress Report: HSS Ministerial Special Project (April 2013) 09 May 2013
Memorial Service for Prof Bernard Magubane 17 April 2013
Dr Neville Edward Alexander Obituary 05 September 2011
Action on humanities urgent 19 August 2011
Final Charter Report Released 30 June 2011