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Inaugural NIHSS Awards: Book, Creative and Digital Collections

The National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIHSS) Inaugural Book, Creative and Digital Awards are about celebrating and honouring outstanding, innovative and socially responsible scholarship that enhance and advance the fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS). The Awards celebrate those undertaking the necessary labour of creating post-apartheid and post-colonial forms of scholarship.

In fulfilling the NIHSS mandate, these Awards breathe life to the ideas expressed in the Humanities Charter to increase the recognition afforded to book and creative outputs; highlight the public-value of these scholarly contributions; and increase their appreciation and role in building sustainable social cohesion and the re-imagining of the HSS.

These Awards, to be held annually, are about recognizing great HSS scholarship in our country that often get side-lined or ignored as they do not resonate with the dominant, yet subtle, process of commodification of knowledge that is widespread globally. As the NIHSS, we are delighted to take on the necessary yet exciting responsibility and become the voice that lauds preeminent contributions of HSS scholarly works. With these Awards, we also intend to recapture and reignite the true status of the HSS in South Africa so that it occupies its rightful position. It is part of our concerted effort to show value of what has generally been devalued over time.

The NIHSS has begun the long overdue task of acknowledging our outstanding scholars, authors, playwrights, poets, artists, curators, and publishers whose collective contributions bring much enjoyment and Soul for the benefit of the greater society. Such plurality of narratives, voices, histories, and theorising from our Southern perspectives must be encouraged, celebrated and never taken for granted. Continue reading...