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Call to NIHSS Alumni - Doctoral Journey Reflections

The NIHSS invites all its alumni who graduated between 2014 and 2021 to participate in a new knowledge-sharing initiative. During 2022, we will be publishing an edited digital book on the PhD reflections of the NIHSS’s alumni on their doctoral journeys, both from a personal, individual perspective and taking a broader view of how they have contributed to knowledge production in the Humanities and Social Sciences. NIHSS graduates who wish to participate in this initiative are invited to submit a written contribution of up to 2 000 words on their doctoral experiences and submit this, together with a head-and-shoulders photograph of themselves, to the Institute. A small honorarium will be paid for each successful contribution. Please note that only one submission per participant can be accepted. As each doctoral journey is unique, participating alumni have free rein to recount whatever aspects of their doctoral studies had the greatest meaning or made the greatest impact on them.

Below are some general guidelines as to the kind of content alumni could consider sharing in their submissions:

  • What were your main discoveries, about yourself and/or your discipline, during your doctoral studies?
  • Did you participate in the NIHSS Doctoral Schools Mentorship Programme and if so, what was your experience of the programme?
  • What are you currently embarking on and what influence, if any, did your PhD have on your current career choices?
  • Have you published any work since completing your PhD?
  • How has your PhD contributed to knowledge production in South Africa and even the rest of Africa?
  • What advice or suggestions would you give to prospective or current students embarking on their PhD journeys?


  • Our doctoral reflections submissions closing date is 18 February 2022.
  • Please start writing immediately to ensure your contribution is included.
  • Successful reflections will be published on our website as and when they are received and edited.
  • An honorarium of R1000 will be granted to all reviewed and successful submissions.
  • Please also send a high-resolution portrait, preferably your graduation picture.
  • Applications to be submitted at Alumni Doctoral Journey

Enquiries may be directed to Thandi Sechele ( For technical queries only, please call 011 480 2328

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