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African scholarship needed not only in and for Africa, but for the rest of the world!

The NIHSS appreciates that there are many important domains and aspects of African experience that are either subtly, or very distinctly, different that need comparable research, analysis, theorisation, publication - not just for use in Primary, Secondary and Higher-education classrooms in South Africa and the greater continent, but for the rest of the world to reflect on as well.  “Our students’ abstracts and papers, presents us with the confidence that upon completion of their PhDs, these will provide unique African narratives, theories, perspectives, and histories. 

Not only are these unique aspects important for Africans to recognise, understand, appreciate, and even celebrate, but they are aspects of African societies and cultures that people in other parts of the world also need to understand, appreciate, and even engage with as critical mirrors or alternatives to issues and problems in their own societies.  As such it is our view that African scholarship is needed not only in and for Africa, but in the rest of the world as well,” expanded Prof Mosoetsa.

The NIHSS Doctoral Scholarship Programme is run in partnership with the South African Humanities Dean Association (SAHUDA) and the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA).

Birchwood Hotel OR Tambo Conference Centre in Johannesburg has proved to be a suitable venue for this gathering as it will be home to this event for the second time around this year.

The keynote address at the opening plenary session on the first day of conference

Blade Nzimande and Sarah Mosoetsa