• The Role of Intellectuals in the State-Society Nexus

    The Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection (MISTRA) hosted a roundtable in March 2015 on the theme: The Role of Intellectuals in the State-Society Nexus. This book culminated from the roundtable's inputs and debates into the public domain by recording the contributions of the main speakers, respondents, and questions from th

  • The Role of intellectuals in the State – Society nexus – MISTRA

    This publication emanates from an NIHSS funded roundtable held by MISTRA at Constitution Hill. The book interrogates the role of intellectuals in transitioning South Africa. Intellectuals, the publication posits, inspired and led the struggle against colonialism apartheid and exploitation.

  • The Lone Wolves’ Legion

    Since 2011 attacks that sow terror in the hearts of people all over the world have increased significantly, both in their frequency and intensity. Victims of these attacks have also increased, in the West and, more specifically, elsewhere. Is there indeed a war of terror, as many political leaders would have the world believe?

  • Scatterlings

    The Scatterlings is a novel written by Resoketswe Manenzhe. She portrays a story of individuals experienced over a hundred years ago. It incorporates myth, ritual, and the lived experiences by ordinary women and men.

  • Safari Nation: A Social History of the Kruger National Park

    This book was penned by historian Jacob Dlamini. In this book, Dlamini captures South Africa’s experiences of nature and leisure.  Safari Nation: A Social History of the Kruger National Park, the book pays special attention to the Kruger National Park is South Africa’s most iconic nature reserve, renowned for its rich flora and fauna. 

  • Our Words, Our Worlds

    Congratulations Makhosazana Xaba on putting together this compelling book. This multi-genre anthology brings together the writing of over twenty contributors. The book explores the history and impact of poetry by black women. Read more...

  • Opening the South African Economy

    This book brings to light the challenges of concentration, inequality and exclusion in different sectors of the South African economy. The book begins with an assessment of the current state of the economy.

  • Media and Citizenship Between Marginalization and Participation

    How central are the media to the functioning of democracy? Is democracy primarily about citizens using their vote? Does the expression of their voice necessarily empower citizens? Media and Citizenship challenges some assumptions about the relationship between the media and democracy in highly unequal societies like South Africa.

  • Liberating Masculinities

    In this book Kopano Ratele suggests that all masculinities are working models, and some models might be more unworkable given the prevailing structural conditions. The more models of masculinity we have access to, the higher the likelihood that some will be workable, even liberating. Liberating Masculinities presents ways to understand the contestations around masculinity and gender relations. 

  • Liberating Masculinities

    In this publication, funded in part by the NIHSS, Ratele undertakes the challenge of “grappling with manhood in a society that supports the ideal of gender equality.” The book is part of a larger body of work by the author whose scholarship endeavours to liberate men from warped conceptions of masculinities navigating fetishized commoditization, violence and fluid sexualities.


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