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University of Fort Hare

Mitigating the effects of family violence on children: Assessing the effectiveness of social work interventions at Buffalo city municipality, Eastern Cape

Family violence is one of the major challenges that South African social welfare is faced with, regardless of the programmes and other initiatives to curb and eradicate it. This violence does not only affect the victim but all members of the family system and the community at large. This study aims at investigating the effectiveness of social work interventions in mitigating the effects of family violence on children in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality in Eastern Cape.

The Role of Funding Composition on Efficiency in Public Universities in South Africa

Studies on the relationship between funding and efficiency of public universities in South Africa were triggered mainly by the decline of government spending on public universities while the enrolment of financially needy students is increasing. This increase is a product of government’s initiatives to redress the imbalances in access and success caused by the apartheid regime.

Effects of non-communicable diseases on labour market outcomes in South Africa

South Africa has experienced a high and rising burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and lifestyle risk factors over the past decade. Health as a category of human capital is generally ex-pected to influence an individual’s labour supply and productivity. Despite the increasing burden of non-communicable diseases, the high rate of economically inactive population and persistent wage inequalities in South Africa, there is limited empirical research on the effect of NCDs on labour force participation, employment status and wage differentials.

Uthelekiso lwelizwi lembongi kwisihobe sikazolani mkiva nomzwakhe mbuli

Nakubeni luninzi uphando olwenziweyo ngesihobe somthonyama ziingcali ezifana nooQangule (1979), Ntuli (1984), Sirayi (1985), Bokoda (1994), Mtumane (2000), Bobelo (2008) noJadezweni (2013), luncinci uphando olunzulu ngemisebenzi yobugcisa yeembongi zomthonyama eMzantsi Afrika ngexesha elilandela ubandlululo. Kwiphulo lokungciba eli thanda, ndenze isifundo esithelekisa iimbongi ezimbini zomthonyama ezitshatsheleyo kwixesha elilandela ubandlululo eMzantsi Afrika, uZolani Mkiva noMzwakhe Mbuli.