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The naming of security companies in South Africa from the Northern Sotho perspective

‘Naming’ is a common term among people. In this study, the importance of naming businesses, especially security company names, is shown. The idea of considering the meaning of a name is vital. If a given name has a positive meaning, it will be regarded as a good name. If it has a negative meaning, it gives a negative impression of that name. In this study, the names of security companies were examined in terms of their meaning and logos. The researcher also investigated how the names were chosen and the reasons behind choosing particular names. The idea that these security company names are brand names was also considered. The security company names were analysed on different levels. In the literature review, different scholars’ views regarding naming in the African culture and worldwide, are highlighted. The study is focused on the African way of naming, particularly from the Northern Sotho perspective, with a predominantly qualitative method being adopted in this study. The data were analysed and organised into different themes. In conclusion, the findings are highlighted, and recommendations and limitations are provided.
Keywords: Naming, security company, Northern Sotho, onomastics, semantics, culture, politics, brand naming, logo, Linguistics.

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Dr Mmakosa Regina Mokgathi