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A visual interpretation of consciousness as a continuous biological process of self-organisation and embodiment

That consciousness is ubiquitous, and relevant to autopoietic self-organisation and embodiment within every living being and/or organism, is a prevalent idea in contemporary consciousness research. However, because „consciousness‟ as a word is derived from con or cum, meaning „with‟ or „together‟ and scire, „to know‟ or „to see‟ it infers the experience of knowing with an „other‟ and/or „others‟. The narrative that follows, while expressing a life of its own, documents the interdisciplinary research conducted and questions who and/or to what „other‟ might infer. My visual diary, Dust from dust: Microorganisms and other tales: An Artist‟s diary, created as the visual component of a creative practice-as-research undertaking, was silently performed amidst „others‟ in the Unisa gallery, in an attempt to render visible, the autopoietic, self-organising embodiment essential to the conscious self-developmental component of the project.

Full Name
Dr Beverley de Lange