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Muslim religious leaders are commonly accused of adopting a conservative interpretation of Islam that guides the way in which they counsel married women on their rights to divorce and how they should address violence in the marital context. They have also been viewed as favouring male-dominant positions, protecting abusive husbands and adopting a reconciliation-at-all-cost approach.
Strong emphasis has been placed on entrepreneurship in recent times as scholars and policy makers, including those in the field of education, regard it as a remedy for the social and economic challenges facing societies.
German Studies students at Rhodes University have normally never studied the German language before enrolling for the first-year course and face the challenge of a fairly rapid linguistic advancement, in a context with very limited exposure to the foreign language outside the classroom. Free writing is an area which students find particularly challenging as it requires students to synthesise grammatical and vocabulary knowledge.
Low literacy levels have been argued to partially contribute to poor health literacy and poor health outcomes. Low health literacy refers to the inability to apply health information in pursuit of good health. While several strategies have been used to assist persons with low literacy to understand health information, these strategies have been focused primarily on improving medication taking in persons with low literacy.
In the thesis, I critically examine the art acquisition policy of the Unisa Art Gallery (UAG) during and after apartheid in South Africa. The Unisa Art Gallery acquisition policy (UAGAP) is investigated against the transformation imperatives as informed by national policies on arts and culture. I take the view that the process of art acquisition does not exist outside of the sociopolitical discourse.
The goal of the study was to explore how environmental and community sustainability can be promoted for informal settlement communities in Namibia and South Africa. The study employed an exploratory sequential mixed methods research design, which as such combined qualitative and quantitative research approaches in two successive study phases.
The influence of new media, which includes social network sites, cannot be ignored in communication studies. The significance of sites is contentious, with some claims that they are beneficial while others claim they are inconsequential (Leidner, Koch & Gonzalez, 2010; North, 2010; Nucleus, 2009). Social network sites are used for sharing ideas, interacting with other users and giving a feeling of sense of belonging that transcends geographical boundaries.
In South Africa and many other countries worldwide, sex work is criminalised. This invariably seems to lead to back-door prostitution - an unregulated industry where sex workers are vulnerable to being exploited by pimps, brothel owners and law enforcement officers. In discussions about sex work and sex workers, two dominant views are evident: a) Sex workers freely choose to sell sex as a good way of earning an income; or b) sex workers are victims of their circumstances who are driven into the industry through direct coercion or as a result of dire poverty.
Waste to energy technologies have been presented as one of the avenues to improve the management of solid waste whilst promoting clean and healthy urban environments through the recovery of waste and generation of electricity. Research suggests that with the right investment in technologies and institutional changes, waste can potentially become a resource that can contribute to the Socio-economic development of cities.
Gender-based violence is one of the major social problems that affects the quality of life and social functioning of many people, including women and girls globally. It contributes negatively to the physical, social, emotional and psychological well-being of any individual. While research on gender-based violence against women is documented, the scarcity of evaluation research focusing on social work interventions and programmes in rendering services to victims of GBV in South Africa is sparse.