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The training to become a traditional healer has been under scrutiny because of the symptoms that are experienced during ancestral calling. Ancestral calling usually presents itself in the form of a mysterious physical or psychological illness that will not ordinarily respond to western treatment.
The doctoral thesis provides a comprehensive, systematic analysis of key issues in Zimbabwe’s foreign policy as they manifest in the United Nations General Assembly highlighting trends in Zimbabwe's voting behaviour, over a period of 16 years from 2003 to 2019.
Elections are a key aspect in all communities and in Zimbabwe they are held after every 5 years. Election discourse is paramount in society and as elections are held, several persuasive elements and occasions come into play as contesting candidates try to garner votes.
This study delves deep into and examines the nature and extent of state formation process under Emperor Shaka Zulu and its impact in Southeast Africa. State formation is the initial act of physically endowing a given territory with sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Globally, persons with disabilities are facing exclusion from participation in the labour market. In South Africa, the employment rate of persons with severe communication disabilities remains low despite the implementation of legislation and policy initiatives to promote their economic participation.
The National Unity and Reconciliation Commission (NURC) is the institution set up by the post genocide government of Rwanda, responsible for national unity and reconciliation. The aim of this research is to assess the educational role of NURC in Rwanda’s peace building efforts.
This study examines the causes and effects of early girl-child dropouts in secondary schools in the Zwelibomvu area in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. The area has a significantly high record of dropouts among girls compared to their boy counterparts, resulting in an unbalanced gender ratio at schools.
Many development scholars argue that universities can and should address societal problems of poverty, inequality and unemployment. There is international literature that argues, in particular, two things: firstly, that certain economies thrive because they are knowledge driven; and secondly, that universities play a central role in preparing workers for the labour market.

Problem Statement: The emergence of open educational resources (OER) has gained popularity and acceptance in higher education institutions and beyond the basic education sector. This has brought a persistent shift in tuition and research provision. Higher education institution management and curriculum instructors are praising the existence of the OER initiative. In such a situation, the social capital has a role in promoting the adoption, development, and dissemination of OER.

Achilles Tatius’ novel, Leucippe and Clitophon (2nd c. CE), is a product of the literary experimentation in prose fiction during the Greek intellectual renaissance under the Roman Empire known as the Second Sophistic. For all appearances, the story follows the usual narrative course of the ancient Greek ...