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The historical stigmatization and demonization of African traditional practices, including traditional medicine, is well explored in scholarly discourse. However, the renaissance of scholarly de-colonial and Afro-centric research frameworks re-awakens the need to generate knowledge systems and analytical lenses that pragmatically and sustainably address global challenges using contextually relevant resources that have been maligned for centuries due to colonialism.

The purpose of the study was to evaluate the practices of inclusive education at secondary schools in the rural contexts. The study followed a qualitative approach to evaluate the practices of inclusive education using the social realist perspective. A case study research design was used with an interpretive paradigm to evaluate the daily practices of inclusive education. The population in this study consists of the teachers, the

Background: Training caregivers of young children with complex communication needs to implement augmentative and alternative communication methods has resulted in various communication gains for children. Such training may be a feasible, effective and socially valid way of improving children’s communication outcomes in contexts where access to rehabilitation professionals and resources is limited.

Climate change poses a major threat to both the well-being of people and the environment. Subsistence farmers are particularly affected because they rely on local supply systems that are sensitive to climate variation. The aim of the study was to explore psychological resilience factors associated with climate change adaptation by subsistence farmers in a rural farming community in Maruleng Municipality in Limpopo Province (South Africa).

Although South Africa has factored the rights of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community into its constitution, this does not necessarily guarantee that those who engage in same-sex relationships enjoy these rights in practice. South African lesbian sexuality is often suppressed and silenced. This is partly due to the fact that discourses position people in power relations. Dominant sexuality discourses in Africa privilege Black African heterosexuals.

Saul Msane was a prominent founding member of the ANC and an active journalist and editor of the ANC newspaper Abantu-Batho. His career generated controversy. Towards the end of his life, he had a feud with his colleagues in the African National Congress (henceforth Congress) that led to him being labelled isitha sabantu, “the enemy of the people” for his refusal to support the Shilling strike of 1918, an accusation which was retracted a year after his death in 1919.

Youth violence has been troubling the South African society ever since the country’s transition to democracy in 1994. Although the problem has been a countrywide phenomenon, certain provinces and cities, predominantly black inhabited townships in the City of Cape Town, have been most afflicted by the new form of youth violence, code-named ‘Gurans’. Cases of Gurans-related violence first appeared in the City of Cape Town’s townships around the year 2000 and have exponentially increased. Of these townships, Khayelitsha has been the most afflicted.

Digital technologies are increasingly revolutionising music consumption patterns globally. Consequently, there is an emerging culture in which online tools have become primary platforms for music consumption. In this postmodern era, digital technologies make music easily accessed, consumed and shared, thereby providing a seemingly global recognition to artistes beyond their immediate geographical market. As a result, artistes sometimes distribute their music for free with the intention to reach potential consumers.

Mobile health (mHealth) is contributing positively towards HIV prevention for young people across the world. mHealth has the potential to enhance HIV prevention strategies by offering convenient, accessible and private HIV prevention services for young people.
This study explored teachers’ and learners’ use of educational technology in mathematics teaching and learning environments. Mathematics is classified as one of the scarce skills subjects in South Africa. Any endeavour to try and improve the teaching and learning of mathematics is seen as a positive contribution towards mathematics education.